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Mis à jour : 23 sept. 2020

In a world surrounded by desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones and billions of apps, it is impossible to deny or neglect that our online presence these days is a “Living Resume”.

And depending how our online presence is outlined it will increase or decrease our opportunities in finding work, love or anything that connects us with other human beings.

Organizations all over the world no longer search and hire personnel based on their proximity to the office address. Working remotely has opened up a tremendous opportunity to many people around the globe that share a common interest, skills and passions.

The chance of finding a job that you love and are passionate about has never been so accessible, however, you will need to take your creativity to a whole new dimension and make sure that your online presence truly represents who you are and not who you think an employer or a lover wishes you were. Personal integrity, honesty has never been so valuable and testimonial proof of your real identity is now a pre-requisite to every job application.

Your Google profile, Twitter feeds, YouTube videos, Tumblr posts, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn comments and likes, says a lot about your personality and communication skills. And the fact that we can compare profiles amongst billions of people, is for me an amazing opportunity, not a catastrophe as many sees it.

Think about it, if someone is taking their personal time to check my online presence, to find out more about me, about what kind of person I am outside of work, who I’m connected to and how I present myself, I must say, I’m curious and a little flattered already.

And that is exactly what smart people are doing before hiring someone to ensure that they will fit the culture of their organization, they are not checking a static resume that we used to create with Microsoft office to tell our story.

These days our story is the World Wide Web, our story is active and not passive, we write each day, we connect, we exchange ideas and learn from each other’s stories, and I honestly believe that there are more pros than cons about the way we are approaching the third decade of the twenty first century.

For the children of the late 90’s there whole life is now chronicled and archived away in the cloud, mapping out there whole educational and social development meaning companies can now pin point traits and requisites in a candidate for a tailored position.

I envisage that in the future new jobs will be created such as “past life modification enhancer” or “Cloud cleaning services” after all we can already submit to google to remove article from the past that we feel are no longer relevant or (paint a bad picture of ourselves).

For employers this is a great new age of transparency for employees it is a wakeup call to think before you post, either way it is happening so embrace it or be lost to the matrix.

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